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The Story

How we got on The Profit with Marcus Lemonis

In 2011, I didn’t know who Marcus Lemonis was and there wasn’t a hit show on CNBC called The Profit. By 2016, all that had changed.

Marcus Lemonis is The Profit on CNBC marcus lemonis
Marcus Lemonis is The Profit on CNBC marcus lemonis
Marcus Lemonis is The Profit on CNBC marcus lemonis
Marcus Lemonis is The Profit on CNBC marcus lemonis
The Beginning
I set out to make a difference in a somewhat familiar way. It was just a few years after we all saw Toms Shoes lift off. Their one-for-one campaign started our beautiful shift into a new decade of give a little, get a little. Now, I knew what they had was special and I didn’t want to follow directly in their footsteps (no pun intended). So I figured with the bright colors of our new watches, there might be a direct connection with specific causes.
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Igniting Change
About 12 sleepless nights later, it hit me. 10-10-10. 10 colors, 10 causes, 10 percent. We would make the connection with 10 different charities that would each receive donations based on the watch color they represent. Here’s why this meant so much to me. We ignited hundreds of thousands of people to share stories. Not the mundane, everyday easy stuff. The tough stuff. And trust me, I know first hand that it’s a challenge. I lost my mom to breast cancer in 2012 and I was proud to wear our pink flex watch to ignite those conversations.
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The Real World
We had created a small movement and it became very real. So real, in fact, that Viacom (The parent company of MTV), had reached out to us for an integration into the new season of The Real World: San Diego. We had made the deal of a lifetime and oh yes, it was very real. That first year in 2011 we did $600,000 in sales with no capital infusion. The next year we did 1.5mm. We had a product that people loved and more importantly, a community that they felt apart of.
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We Did It
The people in the community became our voice. They felt the same obligation that our company did to share it. This is what inspired the Flex campus rep program. Which I’m proud to say was ranked ahead of some of the world’s most influential brands. At it’s peak, we had 1500 active reps on hundreds of college campuses across the nation. We had thought our customers had a powerful voice and we had another thing coming. These students made a statement. Simple, powerful change that they felt apart of.
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Campus Rep Program

Think of these as the what, the how, and the why we’re the best at what we do.

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Ranked #3 Campus rep program in the nation.

Marcus Lemonis is The Profit on CNBC marcus lemonis

A Powerhouse built by

Marcus Lemonis

Helping companies rebuild behind the cameras and before they aired on tv.

We helped those companies with these

Internet Marketing Services

There really isn’t a project or timeline I haven’t been able to work with in the past 4 years. Some small, some a bit larger, but always on time with a happy customer. Can work in WordPress, Shopify, Click Funnels, Squarepace, and Wix.

Proudly featured in Facebook’s infamous campaign case study’s for Inkkas 2016 Black Friday campaign. I’m also well equipped for Google Ads, CPC, Affiliate Marketing, Retargeting, and YouTube. 

I’ve built well over 500 email flows with lengthy funnels and conditions that still surprise me. Klaviyo, Sendgrid, Mailchimp, Drip, Aweber, and a few other smaller guys.

From 7 years with my company Flex watches and another 5 with multiple other brands, I’m capable of taking on most products. There’s an art to this game and there’s a completely different tone from one product to the next.


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That’s a great question. And to be honest, it can vary depending on the services you need. For example, we have clients that have 2x growth in the last year on a simple $2,000 retainer. However, we have clients that currently spend over $15,000 with us for multiple services. We’re happy to work within your budget to find a solution.

Most companies in our industry require a 3-4 week launch time. We believe this is far too long as they’re just working on other brands before yours. At Wise Up, we have a 1-week sign-up to launch program. 

Special? Not necessarily. But we are seasoned pros at what we do. It all comes down to experience and we have decades under our belt. From creative to advertising hacks, we have all the tools necessary to give you the edge against your competitors.

It really depends on your goal. If you only have $1,000 a month to work with, we can definitely put it to good use. However, just like the billboard effect, it’s all about those 2nd and 3rd impressions for your customers to really commit to your product/service. 

Our CEO, Trevor Jones, trained under some of most influential marketers in the game. Years spent working with Daymond John, Marcus Lemonis, Russel Brunson and many more. The strategies learned here have been implemented by our team for each of our clients.