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Coronavirus Impact On Urgent Care Telemed coronavirus

Coronavirus Impact On Urgent Care Telemed

Telemedicine takes over Los Angeles.

The new normal for urgent care clinics is setting in. Are you ready?

The coronavirus pandemic has started an unprecedented spike in telemedicine here in Los Angeles and across the nation. Permitting specialists and medical caretakers — even those under mandated quarantine themselves — to keep seeing patients who are stuck at home.

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Coronavirus Impact On Urgent Care Telemed coronavirus

Survival of the fittest in healthcare is something we're not used to.

Over the course of a month, the novel coronavirus has, on a very basic level, changed how individuals get and convey routine clinical assistance. The result? Telemedicine in number growth that is truly hard to fathom. Exponential is an understatement. Clinics in Los Angeles are having to adapt. We’re entering into a survival of the fittest society and although there’s support from federal and local governments, it’s not something we’re relying on quite yet.

Coronavirus Impact On Urgent Care Telemed coronavirus

If you weren't affected by Covid-19 in March, you probably feel it now.

If you’re in the healthcare industry, you already know all of this. You know because it’s already affected you in some capacity. Whether you’re a nurse, a physician, physicians assistant, or any other role, you’ve been affected. And it’s not just the hospitals. Small practices, urgent care clinics, elective medicine, etc… we have ALL been affected and it’s just the beginning.

Most urgent care visits can safely be done over telemedicine.

While there are still situations that require an in-person visit, from immunizations to broken issues that remains to be worked out, most of these visits can be done via telemedicine. It’s truly necessary at this time as we try and ease the heavy burden in our hospitals.

Coronavirus Impact On Urgent Care Telemed coronavirus

Please offer support to our healthcare workers soldiers.

Lastly, it’s important that we offer our support to our healthcare workers. These are not employees, they’re not simply workers or filling roles right now… They are nothing short of soldiers. Soldiers on the front only line fighting to save lives, one patient at a time. Please, if you’re not one of them, do your part and stay home. 

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