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Why Agencies Suck For Startups

1. Agencies Often Lack of Focus

The past ideas of agencies helping startups just don’t work. Well, unless you’re spending $100,000 a month with them and they truly NEED you to stay on board. You can’t be all things to all people. If you do you’ll position yourself as a marketing Swiss army knife who offers a lot of things but not known for being great for any one of them.

agencies aren't focused on startups

2. Agencies Don’t Understand Integrated Marketing

“Integrated Marketing” is no longer where traditional and digital channels intersect. In fact, it’s not about channels or integration at all anymore.

3. Strategy After Startup Tactics

The successful execution of digital projects/programs is formulaic. What drives business success is a holistic strategy and planning. There has to be someone on hand that sees the big picture. Someone that not only holistically understands the clients business goals, success metrics, audience and the customer journey(s) but also how to leverage the resources, technologies, and channels to amplify the brand’s message and maximize marketing efforts and budget.

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