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7 Google Ads Tips To Increase Quality Score

7 Google Ads Tips That Will Improve Quality Score

Google Ads can be challenging. It can also be frustrating trying to understand what affects the quality score. Furthermore, it’s even harder to decide whether it matters for your CPC and your traffic. The short answer: yes. It does. Let us explain with these 7 Google Ads that will surely help increase your quality score. And remember, Google is very supportive with their forums and their advertising guides. You can find out more on here.

1. Make Your Landing Page Relevant

The goal of a any Google Ads PPC marketing is to make a sale, not just to get a click. A successful PPC ad drives qualified leads to a landing page. It is then the job of that landing page to convert that prospect into a paying customer. You should optimize your landing pages for PPC conversions by making the message of your ads align with your landing page message.

2. Update Your Negative Keywords

One of the most powerful tools at your disposal to ensure the integrity of your AdWords campaign is to optimize for negative keywords. AdWords allows you to specify what keywords are not a good fit for your product or service.

By telling Google Ads what your product is not, you can prevent your ads from showing on keyword searches that don’t match with the intent of your customers. Focusing on the needs of qualified customers helps you save a lot of money.

3. Pay Attention To Match Types

PPC advertising is a direct attribution marketing channel, and AdWords relies on user intent. Whenever someone types in a search query into Google, AdWords shows ads based on how relevant the auction system considers the search term and displays an ad accordingly.

The most important piece of a PPC campaign is the keywords you use and the type of modifiers you use for those words. There are four types of keyword and it’s important to remember that.

4. Test Keyword Match Type Often

Whenever a Google Ads campaign is launched, it’s a good idea to start out with several ad groups with some of them using similar keywords. For the first 3 weeks you should watch how they perform. Test out broad modified match types because they offer a good level of control to qualify when ads are shown. In addition,  it creates enough opportunities for the ads to show to gather the appropriate data.

Even though I do a lot of research to understand my competition and the market before I launch an ad, I find that the first month is a great time to learn first-hand what people are searching as it relates to the products and services of my clients.

5. Utilize All Available Google Ads Tools

Since their release in July 2016, Expanded Text Ads have made a substantial impact on the world of AdWords. By offering additional space for relevant content, ETAs provide PPC managers an excellent way to tell a story about a product or service.

6. Use Every Relevant Ad Extension

Many Google Ads and PPC managers think the value of PPC ends with the Headlines, Paths, and Description of the main AdWords ad. However, ad extensions are an essential part of the customer experience and can give your ads a considerable performance boost.

7. Test Out Mobile-Optimized Ads

Your customers probably all using mobile devices. It’s time that you should create campaigns that are mobile-optimized for iOS and Android users.

Mobile-optimized campaigns give you the best chance to engage your mobile customers in the right format on their preferred device. Separating campaigns is an easy way to drive more qualified clicks.

We hope this was helpful for you as you continue building your suite of knowledge with Google products. As always, we’re here for you and ready to take your business to the next level. Please don’t hesitate to take advantage of our free consultation here.

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